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The TFMR (Termination for Medical Reasons, Termination for Maternal / Birthing persons Health reasons, Termination for maternal/birthing persons Mental Health reasons) SUPPORT ASSOCIATION has been formed to create a credible network of TFMR specific, affirmative and safe organisations, charities and support spaces that are safe for the TFMR community. 

The TFMR Support Association is formed and run as follows:

This is a board of TFMR Specific organisations (the TFMR Support Association Working Group) that meet, review, research and oversee that the safety requirements are met by all that form part of the TFMR Support Association. The TFMR Support Association has a working group that meets every year to review all TFMR Support Association Organisation and all TFMR Association affirmative organisation applicants to ensure that they are are TFMR Support SAFE.

This is the group of members that are TFMR Specific and have all been safety checked to ensure that the support they provide is TFMR specific, safe and non directive to support every parents right to choice.

This is the group of members that are not TFMR specific services. They have all been reviewed by the TFMR Support Association working group and are approved as TFMR safe spaces that will not only include TFMR in the baby loss conversation but will actively ensure a zero tolerance policy for any discriminatory behaviour towards TFMR parents is enforced in their spaces at all times ensuring inclusivity for all bereaved parents in their support spaces.

TFMR Support Association Supporters & Ambassadors

This is you, our community, our TFMR parents, families, friends and allies that have had their worlds shattered or touched through this devastating form of baby loss. This Association has been formed for you, to bring safety to what we know may have already become a world that suddenly feels so unsafe. Please do let us know about any organisations that you feel should be on our TFMR Support Association and also let us know if you have experiences with any organisations that you feel are not safe to be a part of this community. We will take all feedback very seriously as our only interest is to provide you trusted spaces and help you to feel confident to access the help and support you deserve.   

TFMR Support Association Reproductive rights, Healthcare & Funding organisations

These organizations ensure that individuals have access to the necessary resources and support to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. Reproductive rights organizations/ providers protect the rights and access to reproductive healthcare services, reproductive health care services, provide TFMR care, while Funding organizations provide financial assistance to TFMR parents.

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