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4th May 2024



HOST: Sarah Jade 10am Sydney, Australia time,

SPEAKER: Meagan Donaldson @violets_gift, Author of Still a Mum & Co-creator of ‘A little help from Remy’ a practical resource companion for those who experience a TFMR.

Experiencing two TFMRs and the differences and creating TFMR specific resources

HOST: Sarah Jade 11am Sydney, Australia time,

SPEAKER: Cat, Leeana, Fiona and Maria - Red Nose Australia @rednosegriefandloss

TFMR Story (Cat) and Red Nose's Hospital to Home program.

HOST: Sarah Jade 1pm Sydney, Australia time,

SPEAKER: Lauran, @Theodores_mumma TFMR Mama to Theo. Bereavement gifts for parents to write birthday wishes to their babies.

The taboo around TFMR, and how it adds a different layer of grief. 

HOST: Sarah Jade 2pm Sydney, Australia time,

SPEAKER: Stacey Courtney @stacestacestace

TFMR Story - Induction/labour and birth and how so many people don't realise that a lot of women experience a birth not too dissimilar to a live birth.

HOST: Sarah Jade,  9am GST,  3pm Sydney, Australia time,

SPEAKER: Amanda Tipping, @pinkelephantssupport, TFMR online support group, Trained Peer support Companions

Grief and Anxiety - Trying to conceive again after TFMR

HOST: Emma Belle - TFMR Mamas7am UK London, 10am GST,  4pm Sydney, Australia time,

SPEAKER: Laura Head @laura_e_head

Trisomy 21 diagnosis, Surgical TFMR and rainbow babies.

HOST: Sarah Jade,  8am UK London, 11am GST, 5pm Sydney Australia time,

SPEAKER: Panel Discussion: @soupysuze @Cassiebrockhurst & @caroline_chappell16

TFMR Stories - Induction and labor

HOST: Emma Belle - TFMR Mamas9am UK London,  12 noon GST, 6pm Sydney, Australia time,

SPEAKER: Fiona Gosden @timenorfolk, free counselling for TFMR parents, advocacy,

training for professionals and community.

The unspoken pregnancy loss


HOST: Sarah Jade, 10am UK London, 1pm GST, 7pm Sydney, Australia time,

SPEAKER: Hannah Coates, @arcantenatal, Support for parents during diagnosis and

decision-making, followed by bereavement support. 

How ARC supports parents through testing, diagnosis, decision-making and loss.


HOST: Emma Belle - TFMR Mamas,  11am UK London, 2pm GST, 8pm Sydney, Australia time,

SPEAKER: Julianne Boutaleb, @parenthoodinmind, specialist therapeutic support for individuals and couples impacted by TFMR at every stage of the process including pregnancy and parenting after TFMR

Pregnancy after TFMR: How do we navigate this and common thoughts and feelings

HOST: Emma Belle - TFMR Mamas, 12:00 noon UK London, 3pm GST, 9:00pm Sydney, Australia,

SPEAKER: Gillian Wilkinson, @renal_agenesis_uk, supporting parents who have had to make a decision about the much loved and wanted pregnancy following a diagnosis of Bilateral Renal Agenesis.

Why are parents still told to 'Google it' at a time when they are most vulnerable?!

HOST: Buff, TFMR Mama and Mindfulness Guide,  12:40pm UK London, 3:40pm GST


15 minute guided mindfulness session

HOST: Emma Belle - TFMR Mamas,  1pm UK London, 4pm GST

SPEAKER: Katelyn Urgo, @letsstarttheconvo_tfmr

TFMR  Story - and parenting after loss

HOST: Jennifer - TFMR Ireland, 8am CST, 2pm UK London,  5pm GST

SPEAKER: Kate Carson, @KateCSays, Ending a Wanted Pregnancy, free, peer-to-peer support in a FB secret group and Nightbloom Coaching: somatic coaching for bereaved Moms & Dads

Relationships after TFMR: Relationship with yourself, your partner and the broader community

HOST: Alison - TFMR Ireland,9am CST, 3pm UK London,  6pm GST

SPEAKER: Emma Whitney, @emmatheembryologist

TFMR Story PLUS Genetic disease and embryo testing for future pregnancies


HOST: Claire - TFMR Ireland, 8am PST, 9am MST, 10am CST, 4pm UK London,  7pm GST

SPEAKER: E. Goldblatt Hyatt, Rutgers University, @dr_TFMR, TFMR Parent and researcher, clinician and academic focusing on working with and providing interventions for TFMR clients

Reproductive Justice and everyone has the right to have a child, not have a child and parent in safe and sustainable communities

HOST: Jennifer - TFMR Ireland, 9am PST, 10am MST, 11am CST, 5pm UK London,  8pm GST

SPEAKER: Panel discussion: Tori Gregson & Melanie Zamenhof

TFMR Stories - Surgical TFMR


HOST: Sabrina Fletcher - The TFMR Doula, 10am PST, 11am MST, 12 noon CST, 6pm UK London

SPEAKER: Dr. Loree Johnson, @drloreejohnson

Grey diagnosis, disenfranchised grief


HOST: Erica - TFMR Psychologist, 11am PST, 12 noon MST, 1pm CST, 7pm UK London

SPEAKER: Jessica L Van Wyen, @jessvanwyen, RTZ Hope

TFMR Story and RTZ support groups and resources


HOST: Erica - TFMR Psychologist12 noon PST, 1pm MST, 2pm CST, 8pm UK London

SPEAKER: Poppy Walker, @thechildrenscelebrant

Remembering, celebrating and saying good bye to your precious baby and the challenges that TFMR parents face.


HOST: Erica - TFMR Psychologist1pm PST, 2pm MST, 3pm CST, 9pm UK London

SPEAKER: Marie-Laure Firebaugh, @she_isnt_a_taboo

TFMR Story - TFMR for maternal health reasons and acceptance

HOST: Sabrina Fletcher - The TFMR Doula, 2pm PST, 3pm MST, 4pm CST, 10pm UK London [7am Sydney, Australia time 5th May]

SPEAKER: Tracey - TFMR Ireland, @tfmrireland, Alison @lmc_bereavement_support

Support for families facing TFMR in Ireland


HOST:  Jane @tfmrsocialworker, 3pm PST, 4pm MST, 5pm CST, 11pm UK London [8am Sydney, Australia time 5th May]

SPEAKER: Dean Arrowsmith @Pinguthegaffer

TFMR Story, The Dad's Perspective

HOST: Sabrina Fletcher - @thetfmrdoula, 4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST [9am Sydney, Australia time 5th May]

SPEAKER: Jessica Otto @_jessicaotto_

TFMR Story for T21 - down syndrome diagnosis and Pregnancy after TFMR.

HOST: Sabrina @thetfrmdoula, 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST [10am Sydney, Australia time 5th May]

SPEAKER: Ayako Gallagher @mamasmatterhere

TFMR ALLY: The importance of including tfmr parents in general loss support organizations

HOST: Jane @tfmrsocialworker , 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST [11am Sydney, Australia time 5th May]

Self care on TFMR Awareness Day and mindfulness session

HOST: Jane @tfmrsocialworker , 7pm PST, 8pm MST, 9pm CST [12am Sydney, Australia time 5th May]

SPEAKER: Alice Cutler @alicecutler

Infertility, grey diagnosis and abortion bans in the US

HOST: Jane @tfmrsocialworker , 8pm PST, 9pm MST, 10pm CST [1pm Sydney, Australia time 5th May]

SPEAKER: Blair Nelson @fabivfmama

TFMR Story, What no one tells you and things to prepare for

Please keep checking back for updates as our final speakers are announced

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