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4th May 2022



HOST: Emma 9am GST, 3pm Sydney, Australia time,

Tayla Phillipps-Lewis from @chaycen_adventure Chaycen,

TFMR story and Memorial ideas for your baby/babies.


HOST: Emma 9am UK time, 6pm Sydney, Australia time,

Hayley Manning from @timetotalktfmr Time to Talk – TFMR Podcast,

creating a safe community and why it is important.


HOST: Hayley 9:30am UK time, 6:30pm Sydney, Australia time,

Jane Fisher from @arcantenatal ARC – Antenatal Results and Choices,

over 20 years helping and supporting families.


HOST: Hayley 10:30am UK time, 7:30pm Sydney, Australia time,

Marie-Laure @she_isnt_a_taboo

TFMR story and Post-Partum Self Help online programs for loss parents.


HOST: Emma 12:30noon UK time, 9:30pm Sydney, Australia time,

Stephanie from @tapssupport

TAPS Support, TFMR loss within a multiple pregnancy.


HOST: Emma 1:30pm UK time, 7:30 am Central time,

Alison from @lmc_bereavement_support LMC Support,

TFMR Story and the support offered to families receiving poor/fatal prognosis for baby/babies in utero.

HOST: Rachel 2:15pm UK time, 8:15 am Central time,

Rachel from @yoga.chronicles,

30 minute, TFMR Gentle Yoga Session.


HOST: Emma 3pm UK time, 9am Central time,

Valerie from @pregnancyafterlosssupport

Pregnancy after loss Support – Navigating pregnancy after TFMR.


HOST: Emma 4pm UK time, 10am Central time,

Gillian from @renal_agenesis_uk Renal Agenesis,

a diagnosis of Bilateral Renal Agenesis, where to find support.


HOST: Emma 6pm UK time, 12 noon Central time,

Karen Burgess, @petalscharity CEO of Petals, The Baby Loss Counselling Charity,

How do parents deal with trauma and move through devastating emotions to a place where they can see a future emerging.


HOST: Emma 7:30pm UK, 1:30pm Central time,

Valerie from @rtzhope Return to Zero H.O.P.E,

Dedicated courses, and spaces for TFMR parents.


HOST: Erica 10:30pm UK time, 4:30pm Central time,

Katelyn @letsstarttheconvo_tfmr,

TFMR Story and managing grief and misconceptions around TFMR.


HOST: Jane 00:00 midnight UK time, 6pm Central time,

Sabrina, @TheTFMRDoula,

Healing spiritually and emotionally through and after TFMR.


HOST: Jane 1:30am UK time, 7:30pm Central time,

Dr Erica Goldblatt, @dr_tfmr,

how to support TFMR parents in pregnancy after TFMR, the double rainbow model and supporting professionals to support TFMR Parents through TFMR loss. 

Note: Added topic being discussed with Dr Erica Goldblatt: The fall of Roe v Wade and abortion legislation

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