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4th May 2022



HOST: Emma 9am GST, 3pm Sydney, Australia time,

Tayla Phillipps-Lewis from @chaycen_adventure Chaycen,

TFMR story and Memorial ideas for your baby/babies.


HOST: Emma 9am UK time, 6pm Sydney, Australia time,

Hayley Manning from @timetotalktfmr Time to Talk – TFMR Podcast,

creating a safe community and why it is important.


HOST: Hayley 9:30am UK time, 6:30pm Sydney, Australia time,

Jane Fisher from @arcantenatal ARC – Antenatal Results and Choices,

over 20 years helping and supporting families.


HOST: Hayley 10:30am UK time, 7:30pm Sydney, Australia time,

Marie-Laure @she_isnt_a_taboo

TFMR story and Post-Partum Self Help online programs for loss parents.


HOST: Emma 12:30noon UK time, 9:30pm Sydney, Australia time,

Stephanie from @tapssupport

TAPS Support, TFMR loss of a twin.


HOST: Emma 1:30pm UK time, 7:30 am Central time,

Alison from @lmc_bereavement_support LMC Support,

TFMR Story and the support offered to families receiving poor/fatal prognosis for baby/babies in utero.

HOST: Rachel 2:15pm UK time, 8:15 am Central time,

Rachel from @yoga.chronicles,

30 minute, TFMR Gentle Yoga Session.


HOST: Emma 3pm UK time, 9am Central time,

Valerie from @pregnancyafterlosssupport

Pregnancy after loss Support – Navigating pregnancy after TFMR.


HOST: Emma 4pm UK time, 10am Central time,

Gillian from @renal_agenesis_uk Renal Agenesis,

a diagnosis of Bilateral Renal Agenesis, where to find support.


HOST: Emma 6pm UK time, 12 noon Central time,

Karen Burgess, @petalscharity CEO of Petals, The Baby Loss Counselling Charity,

How do parents deal with trauma and move through devastating emotions to a place where they can see a future emerging.


HOST: Emma 7:30pm UK, 1:30pm Central time,

Valerie from @rtzhope Return to Zero H.O.P.E,

Dedicated courses, and spaces for TFMR parents.


HOST: Erica 10:30pm UK time, 4:30pm Central time,

Katelyn @letsstarttheconvo_tfmr,

TFMR Story and managing grief and misconceptions around TFMR.


HOST: Jane 00:00 midnight UK time, 6pm Central time,

Sabrina, @TheTFMRDoula,

Healing spiritually and emotionally through and after TFMR.


HOST: Jane 1:30am UK time, 7:30pm Central time,

Dr Erica Goldblatt, @dr_tfmr,

how to support TFMR parents in pregnancy after TFMR, the double rainbow model and supporting professionals to support TFMR Parents through TFMR loss. 

Added topic being discussed with Dr Erica Goldblatt: The fall of Roe v Wade and abortion legislation

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