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4th May 2023



HOST: Sarah Jade 10am Sydney, Australia time,

Janelle Marshall @rednoseaustralia Red Nose Australia

The need for inclusive, welcoming dedicated services and support for parents who know the unique grief of TFMR and the importance of a sense of community

HOST: Sarah Jade 11am Sydney, Australia time,

Tren Smithfield @trensmithfield

TFMR Story

HOST: Sarah Jade 12noon Sydney, Australia time,

Amanda Tipping @pinkelephantssupport

The taboo and guilt surrounding the 'choice' of Termination for medical reasons

HOST: Sarah Jade 1pm Sydney, Australia time,

Meagan Donaldson @violets_gift, Author of Still a Mum

TFMR Story - two TFMR's for unrelated reasons, having gone through IVF due to being genetic carriers

HOST: Sarah Jade 2pm Sydney, Australia time,

Stacey Courtney @stacestacestace

TFMR Story - IVF and Termination for medical reasons

HOST: Emma Belle,  9am GST,  3pm Sydney, Australia time,

Sarah Jade @lifewithsarahjade

TFMR Story - How to support families through TFMR and the importance of language

HOST: Sarah Jade,  10am GST,  4pm Sydney, Australia time,

Emma Belle @tfmrmamas

TFMR Story - The importance of the TFMR Awareness Day and future aims

HOST: Sarah Jade,  10:30 am GST,  4:30pm Sydney, Australia time,

Annabel Bower, @miles__apart, Author of  Miles apart

TFMR Story - How many stillbirths and miscarriages are actually TFMR just not revealed for fear of judgement & the importance of compassionate terminology when talking about TFMR

HOST: Jennifer Ryan,  8am UK London,  5pm Sydney Australia time,

Katie Hoek @loveandlossnz

TFMR Story - New Zealand medical system and managing the experience from a psychologist/lived experience perspective

HOST: Jennifer Ryan,  9am UK London,  6pm Sydney, Australia time,

Jane Fisher, Antenatal Results and Choices (ARC) @arcantenatal

TFMR Support services for parents following TFMR, and non-directive support through antenatal results and testing.


HOST: Emma Belle,  10am UK London,  7pm Sydney, Australia time,

Zara Dawson, @littlenorfolkcottage

TFMR Story - Parenting, IVF and pregnancy after TFMR


HOST: Emma Belle,  11am UK London,  8pm Sydney, Australia time,

Jennifer Ryan, @TFMRIreland and @lmc_bereavement_support

Creating memories

HOST: Amy Christophers @thatsportsspice, 12:15 noon UK London,  9:15pm Sydney, Australia,


Announcing the winners

HOST: Emma Belle,  1pm UK London,  4pm GST

Kate Joyce, @katejoycedelapp

TFMR  Story - TFMR in a multiple pregnancy

HOST: Jane Armstrong, 9am CST, 3pm UK London,  6pm GST

Dr Erica Goldblatt Hyatt, @dr_TFMR

Normal grief after TFMR vs. when to "worry" and baby loss  book release


HOST: Dr Erica Rozmid, 8am PST, 9am MST, 10am CST, 4pm UK London,  7pm GST

@katielourencolcsw @tfmrsocialworker @openheartcounselingofaustin

Therapists on the front lines of mental health access

HOST: Jane Armstrong, 9am PST, 10am MST, 11am CST, 5pm UK London,  8pm GST

Jill Atstupenas, @jalexina2

TFMR Story - TFMR Support groups Empty Arms Bereavement Massachusetts


HOST: Sabrina Fletcher, 10am PST, 11am MST, 12 noon CST, 6pm UK London

Kate Carson @KateCSays, Ending a wanted Pregnancy

Private facebook support group and Intimacy after TFMR


HOST: Jennifer Ryan, 11am PST, 12 noon MST, 1pm CST, 7pm UK London

Lucy Livesey, @elliesgiftpoject, Relax With Lucy & Co The Ellies Gift Project

Preparing for TFMR birth


HOST: Jane Armstrong, 12 noon PST, 1pm MST, 2pm CST, 8pm UK London

Christine Covino, @christinemcovino

TFMR Story - Parenting/pregnancy after TFMR and protecting your mental health in the current US climate


HOST: Sabrina Fletcher, 1pm PST, 2pm MST, 3pm CST, 9pm UK London

Ja'Nai Wilkes, @TFMRMaternalhealth

TFMR Story - TFMR due to maternal/ birthing person's health - TFMR Maternal Health Support Groups 



HOST: Jane Armstrong, 2pm PST, 3pm MST, 4pm CST [7am Sydney, Australia time 5th May]

Jade Redmond, @heart.of.harper

TFMR Story - Navigating pregnancy after TFMR, mental health impacts, online trolling


HOST: Dr Erica Rozmid, 3pm PST, 4pm MST, 5pm CST

Katelyn Urgo, @letsstarttheconvo_tfmr

TFMR Story -  Pregnancy after TFMR

HOST: Sabrina Fletcher, 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST

Dr. Loree Johnson @drloreejohnson

TFMR for a grey diagnosis -feelings of shame and judgement part 1     


Please check back for updates as we have a few more sessions to add to our schedule

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